Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The 2018-2022 Strategic Business Plan reflects the current council philosophy, goals and objectives and is based on an update to the 2015-2017 plan. As decision makers, we have strived to set the vision, mission and direction for CVR but wish to acknowledge that with ever changing times this must be a "living document to set the stage" for the next four years.

This plan is intended to be a guiding document to provide direction to CVR departments and their staff as they prepare budgets to reflect the funding and resources required to accomplish the goals of Council. The Strategic Plan will be reviewed annually as part of the budgeting process and administration should measure how and when the initiatives are being accomplished.

The plan will be shared with all departments so they understand the goals and objectives; input and ideas then can be provided on what initiatives are realistic to assist in the implementation of the Plan into the day-to-day operations of CVR.

Strategic Business Plan Summary 2018-2022

Strategic Plan 2015-2017

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