Department Structure


The County of Vermilion River’s municipal operations are delivered through several departments.  Each department has responsibilities for certain aspects of the municipal functions including budget, cost tracking and staffing. 

Administration & Corporate Services: All administrative and financial operations including assessment and taxation, billings, technology, GIS, social programs, recreation, Intermunicipal liaison

Agriculture and Environment: Agriculture Service Board, weed and pest control, road-side mowing, natural areas and wetlands management

Natural Gas Utility: Construction of transmission system and delivery of natural gas to residential and industrial customers

Planning and Development:  Regulates and controls development activities throughout the municipality including building and drainage, economic development

Protective Services:  Coordinates fire and rescue services, liaison with external emergency service operations; Community Peace Officer program

Public Works: Construction and maintenance of roads; fleet and equipment maintenance; operation of potable water supply and wastewater collection systems; health and safety program

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