Public Engagement

During special projects, for certain Bylaw approvals and for some Development projects, we may hold public events such as Open Houses or Public Hearings to share information and receive valuable feedback from our partners and stakeholders.


Click here to view the Bylaw 22-05, Amend Land Use Bylaw (Bylaw 19-02) Website Package.


Click here to view the Bylaw 22-06, Amend MDP Website Package.






DP No. 329329-22-D0013 Development Permit for Manufactured Home

DP No. 329329-22-D0012 Development Permit for Communications Tower

DP No. 329329-22-D0011 Development Permit for Home Office



The Municipal Government Act regulates the format of petitions to be submitted by ratepayers to the local municipal government.  Click here for a sample of what the petition form should look like.

Municipal Affairs has developed a comprehensive information package regarding petitions.  Please click here to view further information.

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