We publish a quarterly County Currents newsletter and distribute it via Canada Post to all postal codes within CVR.  If you are not receiving it in the mail, it is likely that you have opted out of "junk mail".  If you are an acreage owner, you may have to request from the post office to receive "Farm Flyers" in your mail.

Alternately, you can choose to receive the newsletter via email by choosing "County News" on the Subscribe page.


Links to past Newsletters:


2020 Q4 - Fall

2020 Q3 - Summer

2020 Q2 - Spring

2020 Q1 - Winter

2019 Q4 - Fall
2019 Q3 - Summer

2019 Q2 - Spring

2019 Q1 - Winter

2018 Q4 - Fall
2018 Q3 - Summer
2018 Q2 - Spring
2018 Q1 - Winter


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