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Land Title Delay - Alberta Government Reimbursement Program for Tax
July 18, 2022

Alberta Land Titles has been experiencing delays for 2022 registration of land title changes and subsequent notice to all municipalities for updating their tax rolls.  This may result in incorrect owner information on municipal tax notices.


Alberta Land Title delays may also result in a situation where new property owners may not have received their annual tax notice(s) and therefore may not be aware of due dates and subsequent penalties for past due amounts.


To mitigate any financial loss resulting from such delays, the Government of Alberta has announced a reimbursement program.  If you incur a penalty due to land title changes not being made on time, you may apply for reimbursement to Alberta Government.


Below is the press release from the Alberta Government noting the program overview and eligibility criteria.


The County of Vermilion River sent property tax notices on June 17, 2022 for 2022 tax year.  If you have not received your annual Assessment and Tax Notice, please contact the County office to receive a copy of your tax notice.


The County of Vermilion River notice can be found here.

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