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Attention Farmers: Strychnine Update
June 17, 2020

We received an update from AgroMax Dsistributers Inc, the manufacturer for 2% Liquid Strychnine Concentrate.  The ingredients they need to produce 2% strychnine come from India, and that country has extended their COVID-19 lockdown until the end of June.  Further lockdown extensions are still possible.  This means that strychnine will not be available for purchase in the County of Vermilion River before the end of the 2020 growing season.


We still anticipate being able to buy strychnine for Spring 2021 sale to producers, but that will be the last year strychnine will be available for purchase.  The County will bring in only the amounts ordered in advance by producers.  If you want to purchase strychnine for 2021, please complete the Order Form and return it to the County.  The order deadline has been extended to July 15, 2020.


Farmers needing immediate solutions for Richardson Ground Squirrel control should contact their Agricultural Product Retailers for registered alternative control options such as Rozol RTU products.