Winter Roads

Snowplow Flag Policy

We are offering snow plowing of residential laneways as an optional service again this year.  Our service provides plowing from the approach to the residence for access only, and does not include clearing yards, buildings, bale storage areas, etc. 

Residents must sign a ‘Snow Plow Liability Waiver and Indemnity Agreement’ (click to download) and purchase a flag(s) at the County Office in Kitscoty. 

** FOR THOSE RESIDENCES GETTING A FLAG FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER in 2018, you will be required to get an inspection of your laneway.  Please contact us BEFORE coming to the office to buy a flag to make arrangements for the inspection.

Should your driveway not qualify for plowing under this program, the County may clear it on a cost/hour basis.  The County reserves the right to refuse yard service if it does not meet the requirements, if other problems exist that may hinder plowing, or if the plowing will exceed thirty minutes of work for the snow plow.

All flags are sold on a Seasonal basis rather than as single plows.  The Annual Flags will be $200 (regular ratepayers and Buffalo Trails Public School Division Parental Choice) and $50 (Seniors and disabled persons).

Snow Plow Flag rates for the 2018/2019 season

  • Seniors $50.00 – Annual 
  • Ratepayers $200.00 - Annual 
  • Buffalo Trails Public School Division Yard Service Parental Choice $200.00 - Annual 

If you have an Orange or Green flag from last year, please ensure it is placed at your driveway for the grader operator to pick up when they do the first plow of the year.

Priorities for snow removal are as follows:

  1. Main roads
  2. Bus routes
  3. Other grid roads
  4. Driveways (snow plow flags)

Public Works crews attempt to clear main roads and school bus routes within 3 days of a storm.  Laneways are cleared last.  Please be prepared for our winter storms, and have your 72 hour emergency preparedness plan in place.

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