Road Construction

CVR has several proposed projects planned each year.  These projects are subject to change throughout the season based on funding availability and weather.  We also have several Cost-Share projects with Industry this year ranging from construction to dust control applications.

Current Projects

Road Rehab RR 11 (TWP 492-493) Spring 2020 Road rehab will be done in 2020.
Bridge Repairs RR 53 Oct 22-25 There is a temporary weight restriction on this bridge as they make final repairs.  Light traffic only during this time.
Pipeline Construction TWP 542 (NE 8 & SE 17 - 54-1) Oct 21 - Nov 17 Pipeline construction in the area may impact traffic with temporary delays.  Please slow down and obey all signage.
Road Rehab TWP 504 (RR 11-12) Sept 5 Please obey posted signage.
Road Closure - Rail Crossing Repairs RR 13 N of Hwy 16 Sept 5 6am - 4pm RR 13 N of Hwy 16 will be CLOSED at the rail crossing for repairs.  PROJECT COMPLETED
Road Closure - Rail Crossing Repairs HWY 897 @ Kitscoty Aug 14 7 am - 7 pm Detour traffic will use RR 30/TWP 504. ANY LARGE LOADS will need to use RR 20 and TWP 510. PROJECT COMPLETED.
Road Rehab Willow Creek  Aug 6 for up to 3 weeks A contractor has been hired to provide road rehabilitation within Willow Creek.  The start and end dates are estimated subject to change and weather permitting.  Side Slope clean up will resume in Spring 2020.
Bridge Repair TWP 520 East of RR 40 Aug 2 for several weeks Bridge will be closed for replacement starting approximately Aug 2.  It is estimated that it will be closed for 4-5 weeks.
Bridge Repair RR 53 (BF 7517) Week of Aug 9 Bridge will be closed for repairs.  Start and end date are subject to weather. PROJECT COMPLETED.
Road Closure RR 25 (HWY 16-TWP 504) July 29 Due to flooding on the road, RR 25 (HWY 16 to TWP 504) has been closed until further notice.
Bridge Repair/Road Closure RR 20 (HWY 619-TWP40) July 7 for 2-3 weeks RR 20 from HWY 619 to TWP 490 is currently only open to local traffic only (over-sized and heavy traffic will be re-routed) Repairs are scheduled to begin on Sunday, July 7, at which time the road will be closed.  PROJECT COMPLETED.
Road Resurfacing RR 14 (HWY 16 - TWP 494) July 3 

RR 14 is being resurfaced and is down to one lane traffic.  Any vehicle over-dimension (height) will use RR14, all other traffic should detour to RR 20.  RR 14 has been done, TWP 494 still to be touched up.

Road Rehab Deerfoot Estates June 24 for  up to 14 days                          

A contractor has been hired to provide road rehabilitation within Deerfoot Estates. The start date and estimated end date are subject to change, weather permitting.  PROJECT COMPLETED.

Closure RR 30 (TWP 480-484) as of Fri June 21 Road is temporarily closed due to high water and soft road conditions.
Rehab Crew TWP 494 (west of 897 to RR 33) May 29 for approx 10 days Please obey posted signage.  PROJECT COMPLETED.
Construction RR 14 (HWY 641 - TWP 542) May 23 Please obey posted signage.
Bridge Repairs (Alberta Transportation) Telegraph Bridge HWY 640 (RR 52) May 21 to May 31 Traffic will be reduced to one lane alternating traffic with ongoing full closures of maximum 30 minutes.  Width restriction is 3M and speed is 50 km/hr.
Patching RR 20 from HWY 16 to HWY 619 Wed, May 15 for approx 7-10 days Please obey posted signage.


For provincial road construction, monitor the 511 Alberta website and their social media feeds.

Please be aware that crews will be out continuously during the road construction season making repairs to several roads. Crews will do their best to accomodate traffic, but in some cases traffic may need to be detoured. Be aware of posted road construction signs and detour signs and reduce speed when necessary. Public Works continues to monitor our road system to identify where minor damage has occurred around culverts that may potentially present problems.  We ask drivers to remain aware while travelling on our roads. We strongly urge drivers to use extreme caution when approaching areas where water is flowing across the road surface and avoid them whenever possible. We greatly appreciate the public’s cooperation while roads are assessed, closed and repaired.

Please report road condition issues by telephone to our office at 780.846.3309 or 780.853.5492 or via the Report A Concern page.  
If it is an after hours emergency, please call 780.846.2929.

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