Permits & Road Bans



All vehicles 22,500kgs and over require a permit to travel on County roads as per the Traffic Bylaw (Bylaw #14-04). The County issues 4 types of permits: 

1) Agriculture Permit - provided to agriculture producers and country residential with a registered vehicle weight of 22,500kgs or more. If you are having fuel, gravel, or septic services provided to your acreage or farm, you must obtain an Agriculture (Country Residential) permit to provide to the company completing or providing the service. 

2) Commercial Agriculture Permit - provided to carriers (registered vehicle weight of 22,500kgs or more) who provide a service to the agricultural sector (i.e. fuel haulers, cattle haulers, grain haulers, bale haulers, etc.). 

3) Commercial Permit - provided to carriers (registered vehicle weight of 22,500kgs or more) that work for an Industry Operator that require a permit from their home base to a main corridor, then they must travel on Industry permitted roads only with the carrier permit provided to them from the specified industry. A Road Use Agreement is required. 

4) Industry Permit - provided to an organization/operator who controls the movement of commercial vehicles with a registered vehicle weight of 22,500kgs or more. A Road Protection Maintenance Agreement is required. 


Please contact the Public Works team at 780.846.3309 or with all of your permit inquiries. 

*Permits are only good for the calendar year. Permits are NOT automatically renewed at the end of the year. 



TRAVIS permits are required by the Province of Alberta to move an over-weight and over-sized load in Alberta on all provincial highways and municipal roadways. Since 2018, the County has contracted ROADATA Services to handle all TRAVIS permit requests. ROADATA has full access to the County's database of industry operators permitted roads (you must have a County permit in order to get approved for a TRAVIS permit to travel municipal roads within the County) in order to approve or reject TRAVIS permits. Please visit this website to find out more information on the TRAVIS system or to apply for a permit. 




Friday, March 19, 2021 at 12:01PM  LIFTED ROAD BAN #01-21




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