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Rural Property Security

Rural Crime Prevention Tips 


 Rural Crime Survey - Summary Report November 2019 

Local Numbers:
Kitscoty RCMP (24 Hour Dispatch): 780-846-2897      Office (M-F): 780-846-2870
Vermilion RCMP (24 Hour Dispatch): 780-853-5781     Office (M-F): 780-853-4441



The SCAN program (a unit of the Alberta Sheriffs) makes communities safer by using civil legislation to target residential and commercial problem properties in rural and urban Alberta where specified illegal activity is occuring regularly (ie. drug trafficking, prostitution and gang-related crime).  More details at 1-866-960-SCAN (7226) or read the info brochure here.




The County of Vermilion River Crime Map is a tool provided by the Alberta RCMP.  The Alberta RCMP supports community engagement by providing the public with the tools, resources and information they need to uphold public safety - for themselves and for their communities.

The RCMP hopes that the map will encourage citizens to report suspicious activity to the police which will strengthen their intelligence gathering capability and help them make arrests.


About the Map
  • The online map enables the Alberta RCMP to share current criminal incidents with members of the communities we serve across Alberta.
  • The database can be accessed by municipalities to display current crime occurrences (the last 14 days).
  • The RCMP chose the crimes that residents have the greatest potential for deterrence by using crime prevention strategies, mainly property crimes.






The Kitscoty and District Rural Crime Watch are the Eyes & Ears of our region and strive to promote rural crime prevention through communications, programs and fundraising.

Why crime watch?

Communities with organized crime prevention programs have a lower rate of criminal activity.

Become a member

  • Learn about rural crime and crime prevention
  • Learn how to properly identify and report suspicious activity
  • Get tips and tools to protect yourself and your property

Be part of the solution

  • Report suspicious activity
  • Inventory and mark your property
  • Be aware - know your neighbours
  • Post your Crime Watch signs


Get involved! Join our local Crime Watch Association and become an active member by attending meetings and participating in the program. APPLICATION FORM




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