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The County of Vermilion River Peace Officers are responsible for enforcing Provincial legislations and regulations as well as investigating, and, if necessary, enforcing County Bylaws.

For inquiries, or if you have a bylaw concern, please contact Public Safety at 780-846-3313. If after hours, please leave a message.

Peace Officers do not respond to concerns regarding criminal activity. Please report rural crime to your local RCMP detachment.








Car seats protection your child in your vehicle in the event of a crash. Ensure your car seats are correctly installed and that your child is properly secured in the car seat. Both issues can result in a fine.

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your child’s car seat. For more information visit

Installation Demo Video – Forward Facing Seats

Installation Demo Video – Rear Facing Seats



Any inquiries made to the County of Vermilion River office about current restrictions in our region will be directed to the Government of Alberta website or to Alberta Health Services by calling 811. For current restrictions in place for the Vermilion River region, please visit:



Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) uses natural surveillance, access control, natural boundaries and maintenance to help deter criminal and nuisance behaviour.

Natural Surveillance (can an offender be seen on your property?)

Implement landscape features that allow a clear and unobstructed view of the surrounding area. Windows, lighting, trimmed greenery and security cameras help prevent hiding spots and areas that allow someone not to be seen.

Natural Access Control (can an offender get in an out of your property easily?)

Clearly defined paths and driveways will direct welcomed visitors where you want them to go. Use gates, fences and hostile vegetation (plants with thorns) to deter access from unwanted visitors.

Natural Boundaries

Clearly defined boundaries establish ownership of your property. Fences, landscaping and vegetation clearly define where public space ends and private property begins.

Maintenance (does it look like anyone cares what happens here?)

Maintenance proves that someone cares for the property. Well maintained properties are less inviting for criminal activity.

Have Your Property CPTED-Assessed

County of Vermilion River Community Peace Officers have been trained in CPTED principles. Assessments and recommendations will be available by appointment only once COVID restrictions are lifted.

Disclaimer: CPTED recommendations are made for the purpose of reducing the likelihood of criminal activity and providing for a safer environment. The County of Vermilion River Community Peace Officers do recommend these measures with the understanding that there is no way to predict or prevent all crime risks.


All heavy vehicles with a registered weight of 22,500 kgs or over must have a valid permit to operate on County of Vermilion River roads as per Traffic Bylaw 14-04.


Our Community Peace Officers patrol County roads and ensure that heavy vehicle have a valid permit and are travelling on approved roads. A fine may be issued if a heavy vehicle is operating without a valid permit or if the vehicle is travelling off route.


More information on heavy vehicle permits can be found at Permits & Road Bans or by contacting Public Works at 780-846-3309.




The County of Vermilion River Crime Map is a tool provided by the Alberta RCMP. The Alberta RCMP supports community engagement by providing the public with the tools, resources, and information they need to uphold public safety – for themselves and for their communities.


The RCMP hopes that the map will encourage citizens to report suspicious activity to the police which will strengthen their intelligence gathering capability and help them make arrests.


About the Map

  • The online map enables the Alberta RCMP to share current criminal incidents with members of the communities we serve across Alberta.
  • The database can be accessed by municipalities to display current crime occurrences (the last 14 days).
  • The RCMP chose the crimes that residents have the greatest potential for deterrence by using crime prevention strategies, mainly property crimes.



The County of Vermilion River Rural Crime Watch are the eyes & ears of our region and strive to promote rural crime prevention through communications, programs and fundraising.

Why Crime Watch?

Communities with organized crime prevention programs have a lower rate of criminal activity.

Become a Member

  • Learn about rural crime and crime prevention
  • Learn how to properly identify and report suspicious activity
  • Get tips and tools to protect yourself and your property

Be Part of the Solution

  • Report suspicious activity
  • Inventory and mark your property
  • Be aware – know your neighbours
  • Post your Crime Watch signs.

Get Involved!

Join our local Crime Watch Association and become an active member by attending meetings and participating in the program.

Contact Darrell Wright for further information at or 780-808-1101.

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