Fees and Contracts


We do have a BUDGET PLAN that allows you to average out your monthly costs. The only time we can sign you up is in the spring. The deadline to join is JUNE 5 each year. Forms will be included in upcoming bills or download from here.

Payment Methods

  • In-person at the County office 
  • Mail in cheque
  • Online Banking
  • Preauthorized Payments - Click HERE to fill out the form


You can sign up for Equal Monthly Billing. With the same amount being billed each month, you can have your bank set up automatic bill payments from your account or you can leave post-dated cheques at the office.

To Go PAPER-LESS with your billing, get your log in information, simply click on the 
GO PAPER-LESS logo or go to: gasbill.vermilion-river.com

ACCOUNT NUMBERS - We are finding an increasing number of online payments are using an incorrect gas utility account number. Please double check your account number is correct when paying your gas utility account.

Updating Your Address

If you need to update your billing address you can give our office a call (780) 846-2222 or use the Change Adress form on the Report A Concern page (include your Name, Account Number, Old Address, Current Address, Home Phone Number, Cell Phone Number)

Fee Schedule


Click here for details on what you need to know and do for getting gas services.

This is the link to the Alberta Municipal Affairs Service Completion form

  • Rural Services:  $8,000 + 75% any additional costs
  • Rural Services under 200 feet (excluding subdivisions): $2,750
  • Rural Residential Subdivision (indiv. lots):  $5,000
  • Commercial Subdivision Services: $8,000 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
  • Urban Residential Services:  $2,750
  • Urban Commercial Services (up to 500,000 BTU's): $2,750 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
  • Urban Commercial Services (500,000-1,500,000 BTU's): $5,000 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
  • Urban Commercial Services (1,500,000+ BTU's): $8,000 + any additional costs incurred to supply service
  • Grain Dryers, Irrigation and Rural Commercial Services (2-8,000,000 BTU's): Cost established on individual basis.
  • Second Service on existing serviced lot:  Cost to be determined prior to signing another contract
  • New or Proposed Subdivisions: Cost for supply line and looping within and around the subdivision to be established on an individual basis and needs to be prepaid by the developer,
  • Services installed in frost conditions may be subject to additional costs.  Installation in frost conditions are at Manager's discretion.

If you have not been into our office and requested a quote, or if you have received a quote, but have not signed a gas contract, please contact our office immediately to advise us of the status of the new service. Services will be installed on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner we have your information and payment, the sooner your new gas service will be installed.

Please book new and secondary services early as we cannot guarantee installation in frost conditions.