Tree Pests & Diseases


Long term maintenance of your plantings will go a long way to having healthy happy trees for years to come.  However, it can take just a blink of the eye to introduce a wide spectrum of pests and diseases.

There are many excellent resources that list numerous types of pests and diseases, what they look like, how they attack your trees and perhaps how to slow their progress in order to save your trees. 

Mammal Pests

We are fortunate to share this planet with some beautiful animals, but then we do have to share their nature with them.                                                               

There are many ways that mammals can cause damage

Mammal Damage
Protecting Trees from Animal Damage
Vertebrate Pest Management

Porcupine Damage
Squirrel Damage (Google images)

Identifying Wildlife Damage to Trees, Shrubs and Bushes
Tree Squirrels
Deer and Rabbits and Mice, oh My!

Bird Pests

Birds can be pretty and cheerful, but can also be hard on trees.     

Woodpecker & Sapsucker Damage
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Insect Pests

Oh so many bugs out there... here are some common ones that Prairie gardeners might see.

Common Aspen Pests
Control of Borers in Prairie trees

Tree Borer Damage (images)
Emerald Ash Borer
Bronze Leaf Borer
Borers of Pines

Larger Boxelder Leafroller
Early Aspen Leaf-curler
Tent Caterpillars
Ugly Nest Caterpillar
Metallic Pitch Blister Moth

Spruce Budworm   
Balsam Fir Sawfly
Elm Leafminer
Satin Moth
Sooty Mold
Insect Pests of Saskatoons
Insects on Saskatoons
Carpenter Ants

Insect Information - Ants
Red Lily Beetle
Beware the Destruction Caused by Bark Beetles
Scale Insects of Trees and Shrubs

Top Forest Insects
Insect Fact Sheets

Fungi Diseases

Bronze Leaf Disease (BLD)
Late Blight of Potato and Tomatos
Botrytis - Most Common Disease of Lilies

Armillaria Root Disease
Powdery Mildew on Trees & Shrubs

Botrytis (Gray Mold): A Disease for Many Plants

Environmental Issues

It may surprise you how often problems with trees are caused by the environment or are human-related.                           


Frost and Winter Damage
Pruning Trees & Shrubs - scroll to the bottom of article for info on repairing weather damage to trees
Sunscald of Hardwoods
Winter Injury on Trees


Salt Tolerance of Plants
Act Now to Save Your Plants from Salt Damage
Trees & Shrubs that Tolerate Saline Soils and Salt Spray Drift
Minimizing de-icing salt injury to trees


Mechanical Damage to Trees 

General Resources

AgriCulture & Agri-Food Canada pest fact sheets

University of Saskatchewan GardenLine
City of Regina
Natural Resources Canada: Diseases
Natural Resources Canada: Insects

Pest and Disease Control Using Horticultural Oils
Firewood - Don't Move it: Buy it Local, Burn it Local
Diseases of Vegetables
Tree Guide of Diseases and Pests

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