Vegetation Management Programs

Vegetation Management Programs

Vegetation Management Program

 The County of Vermilion River manages vegetation alongside County roads for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Increased traffic safety by reducing obstructions in the ditch and improving visibility along roadways and at intersections,
  • Reduced vegetation that attracts wildlife to roadsides,
  • Reduced snow accumulation concerns and to facilitate snow removal,
  • Enhanced road maintenance,
  • To control the spread of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds on municipal property, and
  • To reduce the spread of crop diseases and pests along municipal roadways (i.e. clubroot of canola, black knot fungus).

Vegetation of concern includes provincially regulated under Alberta’s Weed Control Act like toadflax and scentless chamomile. It also includes any trees or shrubs growing along the roadside, and tall vegetation including sweet clover, alfalfa and bromegrass, which reduce visibility, attract animals and impact road maintenance.


The County’s Roadside Vegetation Management Program uses an Integrated Management Approach with a number of management tools. We try to make vegetation management decisions that take into account the crops adjoining the roadside, wildlife and pollinator usage of the ditches, and other potential users of the roadside.

For more information about our vegetation program and common weeds in the County see the


Invasive Species Crash Course Video: CVR's Vegetation Management Program Guide




Roadside Mowing

The County of Vermilion Rivers uses a contractor to mow all developed roads between July 15 and August 31 each year.

Mowing assists with intergrated weed control, enhances road maintenance and improves visibility and public safety. We mow roadsides to reduce tall vegetation and snow trapping and improve line of sight.

For questions or concerns about the mowing program please call the Assistant Agriculture Fieldman, Darin, at 587-217-4798


Haying Program

If you want the County to delay herbicide application along a portion of roadside by their property so it can be hayed, landowners can apply for a Hay agreement by May 31.

Other applicants can apply for a hay agreement between May 31 and June 15. With a signed Hay Agreement, the County will delay spraying the designated roadside until July 15.  All haying along County roadsides, with or without a Hay Agreement, must be completed before July 15 to allow for roadside mowing. 

A permit is not required to hay County roadsides, however, all work must be completed (hay cut, baled and bales removed) before July 15 to allow for mowing and vegetation management.

We no longer accept forms to reserve ditch hay for producers without mowing it at any time. If a prodcuer chooses to  hay the ditch, the County will not manage who is permitted to cut where.


Click for Hay Agreement Form 

Road Side Spraying 

The County of Vermilion will be spraying weeds and brush along road allowances starting in June. Roadside spraying will focus in on different areas of the county based on the year. 

In addition to spraying the spray zone but we will be selectively spraying noxious weeds and brush throughout the County. If you have an area that needs to be sprayed please call the County office at 780-846-2244

  • We use herbicides to control weeds and plant species that are undesirable along the side of the roads (including sweet clover, aspen, toadflax, thistles) as a blanket spray program but also as spot spray treatments where appropriate.
  • Please note that the County will not spray municipal road ditches within 30m (100 feet) adjacent to obviously maintained yard sites, tame shelterbelts or dugouts.
  • Obvious means that the operator can see the mowed/maintained area in time to stop spraying before they get to the driveway or maintained area.
  • If weed issues arise in the above listed areas, we will obtain written permission from the owner/occupant maintaining the area. If you are mowing or trimming your driveway or yard site, you do not need to apply for a No Spray Agreement for that area
Our Noxious Weeds and Spraying Video explains more about our spray program 

No Spray Agreements

The County recognizes that some landowners do not want herbicides applied to the municipal road right of ways adjacent to their property, so No Spray Agreements are available to those ratepayers who agree to themselves control weeds and vegetation within the County ROW to meet the County’s vegetation management standards. Complete the No Spray Agreement before May 31 annually.

  • Please note that No Spray Agreements are not nesseccary for areas of obviously maintained yard sites, tame shelterbelts and dugouts


Click for No Spray Agreement 


The Government of Alberta keeps an extensive listing of noxious weeds online (click here).  There is also a resource binder at our main office should you like to have a look. Check out our noxious weeds and spraying video 


The Government of Alberta maintains an online Insect Pest Monitoring map. Check it out here


WATER HEMLOCK Has been found in the region. Read this information sheet for more details.
JIMSONWEED (Devil's Trumpet) Has been found in the province. Read these two documents on how to handle it if you find it in your crops.
Jimsonweed Update
Government of Alberta Alert on Jimsonweed






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