ALUS - Alternative Land Use Services

Alternative Land Use Services

Contact: Chris Elder, ALUS Coordinator 780.853.7844



ALUS Canada's mission is to enable Canadians to provide direct support to a national network of farmers and ranchers delivering ecosystem services in their communities, including clean are, clean water, carbon sequestration, erosion control, flood mitigation, pollinator support and wildlife habitat.


Community-developed and farmer-delivered, ALUS sustains agriculture, wildlife and natural spaces for all Canadians, one acre at a time.


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Click on the image below to veiw the ALUS Vermilion River Project Showcase Storymap that we put together for the 10th anniversary of ALUS in 2020    


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Want to do more for ALUS in our Region?  

Feel free to donate to our ALUS-VERMILION program via this link


2024 County of Vermilion River Photo Contest


Join the County for our fourth annual photo contest!  This year our calendar theme is “Celebrating 60 Years in the County”.  To enter the contest, email photos along with the photo permission form on our website to  Winning photos will be featured in the 2024 “Celebrating 60 Years in the County” calendar.  Submission deadline is September 1, 2023





ALUS Vermilion River Clubroot Proposal - What to Do with Crop Areas that Won't Dry Up

AWES EcoBuffer Fact Sheet
AWES Pollinator Friendly Plants
Cows and Fish Value of Wetlands Fact Sheet

Cows and Fish Crops, Creeks and Sloughs Fact Sheet
Agri-Facts Grassed Waterway Improvement


Video with ALUS participant - Brian Headon
Video with ALUS participant - Ralf and Denise Jonas 

Stewards of the Land Video

ALUS in Wonderland video


Lakeland College students help to restore bat habitat on ALUS project…read more HERE
We also completed AWES Eco-Buffer planting workshop, Wetland Adventure Days, ALUS Western Hub Conference, Vermilion Fair, Willow staking with Lakeland College students, Portable watering system, wildlife friendly fencing, and winter watering system projects. 

In 2014 we received the Ministers Award of Excellence in Innovation for our work with the ALUS program from Alberta Municipal Affairs.  The award was presented to us at both the annual Alberta Urban Municipalities (AUMA) Conference and the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties (AAMDC) Conference.  Thank you to all our ALUS supporters, participants and staff for a great job! The program wouldn't be the same without our partner agencies: Delta Waterfowl, ACA, ESRD, and Cows & Fish.   

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