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The Government of Alberta keeps an extensive listing of noxious weeds online (click here).  There is also a resource binder at our main office should you like to have a look.


The Government of Alberta maintains an online Insect Pest Monitoring map. Check it out here

WATER HEMLOCK Has been found in the region. Read this information sheet for more details.
JIMSONWEED (Devil's Trumpet) Has been found in the province. Read these two documents on how to handle it if you find it in your crops.
Jimsonweed Update
Government of Alberta Alert on Jimsonweed
CLUBROOT 2019 Clubroot Survey Results and Information Sheet

Summary of the Clubroot Impact Consultation Meetings  

Management Plan Template
CVR Clubroot Map
Alberta Clubroot Map

Check out the Canola website for full resources on preventing clubroot

Clubroot Video from the Canola Council of Canada: What's New (2019)
Clubroot Video from the Alberta Canola Council: Clubroot Disease Cycle

FUSARIUM HEAD BLIGHT  Remains an issue in our area.  More details here or check out the Alberta Agriculture website. 
BERTHA ARMYWORM  Detailed information is available on the Alberta Agriculture website.
BLUE GREEN ALGAE Detailed information is avaialble on the My Wild Alberta website.