MDP & LUB Review: The County is currently undergoing an extensive review of their Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan.

ACE WATER CORPORATION: Phase 7 begins this week.  Click HERE for more information. 

RCMP Crime Map: The Crime Map enables residents to access current and verified information regarding criminal incidents in the area. 

Winter: Click here for more information on the snowplowing level of service and the road priority ranking for snow removal. 

2022 Tax Notices: Taxes were due September 30, 2022.  Further information on taxes can be found here.  View Your 2022 Property Tax Guide for information on how taxes are calculated.

Newsletter: The County Currents Spring 2023 edition is now available.    

Voyent Alert! A multi-purpose communication service to keep you informed on emergencies & day-to-day notices.  See more here 

Road Closures: Click here to view an interactive map of all road closures. 


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