Gas Utility Overview

The County of Vermilion River owns and operates a rural gas distribution system which provides customers with an economically viable and reliable heating source for homes and commercial operations.

Service charge, gas rate and construction project revenues establish system maintenance and pipeline replacement reserves, thus reducing future financial burden to customers.

The magnitude of installing a pipeline project that would extend to all residences throughout the County's Franchise Area required the cooperative efforts of both landowners and customers.

The Gas Utility continues to offer customers exceptional rates and service charge fees, while maintaining cooperative principles.


In addition to supplying natural gas for home heating, we also:

  • Supply/Install Secondary Gas Lines for:

            Prime and Backup Power Generation

            Gas BBQ’s

            Shop/Barn Heaters

            Grain Bin Aeration

  • Supply/Install Grain Dryer services
  • Supply/Install Shop and Barn Heaters
  • Supply/Install Conduit & Water Line
  • Utility Plowing and Trenching
  • Pipefitting
  • Oilfield Fuel Supply & Gas Gathering


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