Updates to County road conditions and construction projects will be posted here:



CVR has several proposed projects planned each year.  These projects are subject to change throughout the season based on funding availability and weather.  We also have several Cost-Share projects with Industry this year ranging from construction to dust control applications.


Road Upgrade RR 44 South of HWY 640 for 400 m Tue, Oct 30 for approx 1 week Expect minor delay
Surface Repairs RR 20 from HWY 16 to HWY 619 Fri, Oct 19 for approx 1 week Watch for Workers
Bridge Culvert TWP 520 between RR 35 and RR 40 Mon, Oct 15, 2018 for 4-5 weeks Public Notice with Details
Road Repairs TWP 550 for the first 800 m on HWY 893 Thurs, Oct 4, 2018 for 7-10 days PROJECT IS COMPLETE
Intersection Repairs TWP 530 & RR 61 Wed, Oct 3, 2018 for 2-3 weeks Expect Delays
Major Road Construction RR 34 from TWP 520-521.5 (1.5 miles) Mon, Oct 1, 2018 for up to 6 weeks Public Notice with Details
Road Repairs RR 54 from HWY 640 south to TWP 550 Tues, Sept 4, 2018 for approx 10 days Expect Delays
Chip Sealing RR 20 from HWY 16 to TWP 510 Tues, Aug 20, 2018 for approx 5 days PROJECT IS COMPLETE
Rail Crossing Upgrades RR 21 from HWY 16 north to Blackfoot Wed, July 25, 2018
7 am-10 pm
Road Repairs TWP 490 from HWY 17 to RR 14 est. start July 4, 2018 for 1 week PROJECT IS COMPLETE
Major Road Construction TWP 522 from HWY 41 to HWY 893 (13 miles) est. start June 21, 2018 for 7-8 weeks Public Notice with Details
Road Rehabilitation TWP 514 from RR 23 to HWY 897 (4 miles) est. start the week of June 11, 2018 for 4 weeks PROJECT IS COMPLETE
Road Rehabilitation TWP 514 from RR 44 to RR 51 (3 miles) started Aug 13, 2018 Follow signs
Major Road Construction RR 30 from HWY 45 to TWP 530 (2 miles)  est. start May 15, 2018 until approx Sept 15, 2018 Public Notice with details
ACE Water Pipeline HWY 897 along TWP 512 into Islay along 49 Street est. start May 10 until Fall 2018 Notice of Construction
Spot Road Repairs TWP 550 (RR44 - HWY 893) and RR 44 (north of TWP 550) est. start June 13, 2018 PROJECT IS COMPLETE


For provincial road construction, monitor the 511 Alberta website and their social media feeds.   

Please be aware that crews will be out continuously during the road construction season making repairs to several roads. Crews will do their best to accomodate traffic, but in some cases traffic may need to be detoured. Be aware of posted road construction signs and detour signs and reduce speed when necessary. Public Works continues to monitor our road system to identify where minor damage has occurred around culverts that may potentially present problems.  We ask drivers to remain aware while travelling on our roads. We strongly urge drivers to use extreme caution when approaching areas where water is flowing across the road surface and avoid them whenever possible. We greatly appreciate the public’s cooperation while roads are assessed, closed and repaired.

Please report road condition issues by telephone to our office at 780.846.3309 or 780.853.5492 or via the Feedback and Inquiries Form on the Contact Us page. 
If it is an after hours emergency, please call 780.846.2929.