It is the mission of the Public Works Department to improve our roads infrastructure to the best standard possible.  When investing in the County's infrastructure, the County strives to maximize the value input and quality for the longevity and services of the road as approved by the budget in the fiscal year.  At the time of construction, the County strives to address the safety of the travelling public, future maintenance costs, proper site lines and future economic growth.  These guidelines are set out to ensure that proper construction can be carried out to obtain these goals.

Current road construction standards for all classifications of roads are currently under review.

The sources of revenue used for annual projects include taxation, federal and provincial grants, and cost-share initiatives with Industry.

Annual projects are determined through short and long-term project plans, Public Works and Council input, and local pressures.


Construction on the new shop was completed in 2010.  This new shop contains 4 regular bays and 1 special bay designed specifically for welding and bending metal.

This shop was much needed and allows the County to perform all its own mechanical requirements on all fleet vehicles and heavy equipment.  The construction of this shop was made possible by a grant.  Under the direction of the Shop Foreman, the shop employs two full-time Certified Journeyman Mechanics, 1 mechanic's helper and 1 student on work experience.  By providing internal service to vehicles and equipment, the County is better able to control equipment costs and maintenance requirements on that equipment.



The County of Vermilion River has a tremendous amount of heavy oil activity. It has one on the densest amounts of Industry activity in the North-East region of Alberta.  The County has approximately 11,780 wells within its jurisdiction. This activity accounts for much of the traffic on our roads and so the County and Industry partners are continually working together in an effort to maintain safe roads for all to travel on.

Industry helps with maintaining these roads through cost-share agreements for upgrades or construction; provides maintenance on specific roads during the spring road-ban season at no cost to the County; and by adhering to Road Haul Agreements, reduces the traffic to local roads.

Through this working relationship, County and Industry partners hope to provide all users with a safe, efficient and accessible road network.

NEW ** By-Law 14-04 affects Heavy Traffic on County of Vermilion River roads.  See By-Law in full here. 
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