We are offering the Residential Dust Control Program, utilizing MG30, a Magnesium based product, as dust suppressant. MG30 is applied by a spray truck directly onto the road surface and worked into the gravel. For product information, please visit http://www.kortech.ca and click on ‘Tech Data’.

If your road has less than 10 vehicles per day, you may apply for residential dust control at a cost of $1,000 for 200 meters or $1,500 for 300 meters. A minimum of 200 meters is required. 

High traffic roads (11 – 25 trucks/day and up) will be sprayed with MG30 on a priority basis. Your road may qualify for CVR or Industry funded dust control based on traffic counts.

Applications will begin May 1 and will continue throughout the summer.  Dust Control applications are now being received at the County Office until June 30, 2018. Please call the Public Works Department at (780)846-3309 or publicworks@county24.com for further info.