Each May during Emergency Preparedness Week Canadians are encouraged to be prepared to cope on their own for at least the first 72 hours of an emergency while rescue workers help those in urgent need.  By taking a few simple steps, you can become better prepared to face a range of emergencies – anytime, anywhere.  It is important to know the risks, make a plan, and have an emergency kit.  When preparing your emergency kit, please remember that we may need to get by without power or tap water. 

The County of Vermilion River urges residents to be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours in an emergency.  REMEMBER if you are on medication or have a baby in your household have sufficient medications, formula and supplies on hand in the event you are unable to leave your residence for several days. 

An Emergency Preparedness Guide is available for download  (please click here) and you can also visit http://www.getprepared.ca/ for more resources to help you and your family prepare for all types of emergencies.

Please take time to review the information and links we have provided so you can be prepared for any of the many types of emergency situations that may arise.

72 HOUR POCKET GUIDE (hard copies of the pocket guide can be picked up at the County office)

Emergency Preparedness Brochure

Emergency Kit Brochure




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