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Tax Notices Have been mailed effective Tuesday, June 19, 2018.  Please advise us immediately if you have not received your Tax Notice & Assessment.  More details here.
Annual Inspections Our tax Assessors will be starting annual property assessment inspections in June 2018.  Read Here for more details.
2018 Tax Deadline Taxes need to be paid by OCT 1, 2018.  An 8% penalty will be applied to accounts the day after the deadline
Overdue Taxes  For any outstanding tax accounts, a further penalty of 12% will be applied to outstanding balances on Jan 16, 2019.  Ensure your final payment is submitted (by mail or online) early enough to be received by our office by Jan 15, 2019.  Be mindful of bank processing and mailing times.
July 18, 2018

The Tax Assessment Open House will be held on July 18, 2018 at the County office should you wish to speak with the Assessor.



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The Assessment / Taxation Department establishes and maintains property assessment and tax roll information for all property in the County of Vermilion River. The assessment function is a major element in determining the amount of municipal and education tax each property owner will pay.

Property assessment is the foundation of municipal finance. The Municipal Government Act requires Appointed Assessors to prepare property assessments annually based on a market value standard. The Municipal Government Act and its accompanying regulations govern property assessment and taxation.

Assessment is the process of estimating the value of property for equitable distribution within the County of Vermilion River's total property tax requirement including other requisitions such as education. While many properties are assessed on a market value standard, there exist many other types of properties that are assessed on a regulated value standard mandated by the Provincial Government.

The entire assessment function for all properties is the responsibility of the Appointed Assessor, except for linear property, for which Alberta Municipal Affairs is responsible. This includes pipelines, gas and oil wells, electric power, and telecommunication systems.

Assessment services for the County of Vermilion River is provided by Tanmar Consulting Inc.

Alberta Municipal Affairs provides general information to ratepayers on the Property Assessment and Taxation website, including these guides: 

Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta

Education Property Tax Facts and Information

Guide to Equalized Assessment in Alberta

Access to Property Assessment Information

Is Your Property Assessment Fair and Accurate

Each year prior to the expiry of the appeal period the County hosts an Assessment Public Open House at the County Administration Office. The assessor is available to discuss any concerns with Market Value Assessment, or to review how your assessment was determined for tax purposes.