The County of Vermilion River, Alberta, Canada provides rural municipal services for 8,267 residents who live among rolling hills and prairie vistas that stretch north of the North Saskatchewan River, south to the Battle River and 42 miles west from the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. The local economy is as diverse as the landscape with strong agriculture and energy sectors, thriving supply services and an abundance of small business entrepreneurs. The many features, amenities and opportunities in our municipality make it

“A sustainable, vibrant and diversified community with opportunities for all”.

Highways 16 (TransCanada Yellowhead), 41, 17 and 45, plus numerous secondary provincial highways, provide superior transportation corridors easing travel to and from all directions.

Our municipal operations are based out of Kitscoty, Alberta – near the geographic center of the County. There are seven unincorporated hamlets, four villages and one town located within the geographic boundaries of the County. In addition we share a co-terminus boundary with the City of Lloydminster.

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Where We Are

The County of Vermilion River is a rural municipality in east-central Alberta.  The eastern border of the County coincides with the Alberta - Saskatchewan border. 

The main highways within the County are The Yellowhead / TransCanada Highway (16), The Buffalo Trail (41), and Highways 17 & 45.

There are seven hamlets, four villages and one town within the boundaries of the County.  These are:
The Hamlet of Blackfoot (profile)          The Hamlet of Clandonald  (profile)    
The Village of Dewberry                         The Hamlet of Islay (profile) 
The Village of Kitscoty                            The Village of Marwayne
The Hamlet of McLaughlin (profile)        The Village of Paradise Valley 
The Hamlet of Rivercourse (profile)       The Hamlet of Streamstown (profile)
The Hamlet of Tulliby Lake  (profile)      The Town of Vermilion

The City of Lloydminster is on the eastern edge of the County.

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