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CVR applies for Disaster Recovery Assistance for damage
caused by July 18/19 windstorm

July 22


County of Vermilion River has made application to the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program for assistance in the recovery from damage due to the July 18/19, 2011 wind storm.

Disaster recovery programs provide financial assistance for municipalities and their citizens who incur uninsurable loss and damage as a result of a disastrous event.
Coverage Does Not Include Loss or Damage that:

  • Was reasonably and readily insurable;
  • Is recoverable through feasible legal action;
  • Is recoverable through another government program;
  • Was a pre-existing condition;
  • Is considered an ordinary or normal risk of business, trade, calling or occupational, including loss of income or interest charges.

The Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) is administered by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). AEMA is part of Alberta Municipal Affairs. The Alberta Emergency Management Act allows the province to provide disaster recovery assistance to residents, small business, agriculture operations, and provincial and municipal governments if the event meets the criteria as outlined in the regulation.

  • The event is considered extraordinary.
  • Insurance is not reasonably or readily available.
  • There is evidence that the event is wide spread.

We will not know for some time whether our application will be approved by Alberta Emergency Management Agency. If we receive approval people who have claims for uninsurable damage will need to provide receipts or other documentation to verify the claims.

For more information contact the County of Vermilion River:
Box 69 Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 Telephone: (780) 846-2244 Fax: (780) 846-2716


June 30

Notice is hereby given that the combined assessment and property tax notices of the County of Vermilion River, under the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26, 2000 were mailed on June 30, 2011.


After a property owner receives the combined assessment and tax notice he or she is encouraged to discuss and review the property assessment with the County Assessor. The Assessment Roll is open for viewing all year, including the complaint period. The complaint period ends August 29, 2011. A complaint may be about any of the following matters, as shown on an assessment/tax notice. (Sec 460(5) M.G.A.):

a) The description of a property or business
b) The name and mailing address of an assessed person or taxpayer
c) An assessment
d) An assessment class
e) The type of property
f) The type of improvement
g) School support
h) Whether the property is assessable
i) Whether the property or business is exempt from taxation under Part 10 of the M.G.A

Complaints can only be filed against assessments - not taxes.

The complaint fee must accompany the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form; this form is available at our office in Kitscoty, AB or can be downloaded from our website, www.vermilion-river.com. The Clerk, Assessment Review Board must receive the appropriate filing fee and written complaint by August 29, 2011.

Residential 3 or fewer dwellings and farmland $ 50.00
Residential 4 or more dwellings $200.00
Non-residential $200.00

ASSESSMENT OPEN HOUSE is scheduled from July 20th to 21st 2011 between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. at the County Office.

Dated this 30th day of June, 2011
Rhonda King, CLGM
Chief Administrative Officer
To access a copy of the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form please click here.

Historic Water Pipeline Being Built

Tuesday, June 7, 2011- We give credit to the Vermilion Voice for allowing us to reprint this article. To visit their website please click here.

Sod Turning Ceremony kicks off the start of Construction for The Alberta Central East (ACE) Regional Water System

In the afternoon of April 29th, 2011, 12 municipalities and contractors assembled to celebrate the start of phase one construction of what will be a 350 km pipeline that will provide a secure, sustainable drinking source for the partners.   The Town of Two Hills and the County of Two Hills hosted the historic event.

Brent Romanchuk, chair of the Regional water system said “Todays journey began back in 1994 when the County of Vermilion River received a Ground Water Resources of the Vermilion Map Area Report that identified areas of adequate supply and deficiencies.  Following the drought in 2002, the County of Vermilion River determined a need to establish a long range strategy to secure a sustainable quality water supply.  In 2004 the County of Vermilion River first approached the municipalities within its boundaries to discuss the regional water concept.  Following that, the County of Two Hills and County of Minburn and the municipalities within their borders expressed interest in joining the group.

Representatives from the Municipalities met with Provincial Ministers in 2008, which resulted in the group receiving funding from Alberta Transportation for Phases 1, in the amount of $31,128,000.00 under the Water for Life Strategy. In 2010 the Vermilion River Regional Water Services adopted the name of the Alberta Central East Regional Water Corporation and proceeded to design Phase 1 Pipeline System and Phase 1 Water Transfer Station.

The Alberta Central East (ACE) Regional Water Corporation will run the pipeline down the Highway 16 corridor, as well as along Highway 45, using road right of ways in the south and the abandoned rail line in the north.

The ACE Regional Water Corporation will be a regional entity that will supply drinking water to municipalities in the Counties of Minburn, Two Hills and Vermilion River (including 350+ kilometers of pipeline, a reservoir and pump station located at Vegreville, and multiple booster stations).  The Construction of Phase 1 is underway, and will include four segments, connecting the Village of Willingdon, Hamlet of Hairy Hill, Town of Two Hills and Hamlet of Lavoy, and a reservoir located in the County of Minburn.  Future phases will provide water to the Village of Dewberry, Marwayne, Paradise Valley, Kitscoty, Mannville, Innisfree, Myrnam and the hamlets within the three Counties.

Urban Systems has been the consulting/engineering firm and has helped work through table-top discussions, to conception and predesign, and finally to construction.  MLA Lloyd Snelgrove, MLA Ray Danyluk, and Alberta Transportation have been an integral part of helping our Water Corporation obtain funding and get off the ground.

The ACE Regional Water Corporation Chairman, Brent Romanchuk, quoted “Although it took a lot of time to pull all of the municipalities together, do the engineering and work with the Provincial Government, as a group, we were able to work together and move this project from a thought to a reality.  We continue to work with government to move the other phases forward in a timely manner”.

Read your gas meter and save money

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Monthly Meter Reading Can Save You $$$$$$$$

The County of Vermilion River Natural Gas Utility has installed a System Control And Data Analysis (SCADA) monitoring system on our high pressure pipelines.
Since the start of the installation, SCADA has detected and alarmed us of gas loss problem due to line cuts, lightning strikes and pipeline failures. Low volume and low pressure alarms have detected pipeline and station problems in the winter, enabling our utility to resolve problems before they become critical to our customers.
To utilize the SCADA systems as efficiently as possible, we rely on your meter reads to pinpoint areas of gas loss on low pressure pipelines.
Causes of gas loss on low pressure lines can the result of:
·         Rodent chews
·         Pipeline failure
·         Failed meters
·         fencing
·         Construction by contractor or homeowner

With the cooperation of all customers, reading your meters can save you money

Our Gas Utility pays for all gas entering our pipelines. When this gas never reaches an end customer, it is considered lost and the money must be recovered in the gas rate to meet set budgets.
20 – 25% of our customers do not read their meters monthly, making it virtually impossible for us to quickly identify the location of a leak.
The County of Vermilion River owns and operates one the largest rural natural gas systems with approximately 4300 km of pipe. We also supply and transport more gas than any other Rural Utility in the Province of Alberta. By not sending in your meter reads, the time and manpower to isolate and resolve problems costs you money.  
In return for your cooperation, you will continue to receive excellent gas rates, service charge and possibly rebates.

County introduces exciting new system to provide information to residents

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introducing Blaze Cast
Our Natural Gas Utility has installed a new phone dial-out system that will efficiently provide customers with information, requests and notifications relating to day to day activities and operations of our business.
The ability for our utility to contact customers both quickly and efficiently during and after work hours is important to our business.
Blaze Cast will be used for:
·         Acquiring meter reads (essential for balancing and billing)
·         System maintenance (pipeline shutdowns, meter changes and repairs)
·         Emergencies (pipeline cuts or failures)
Other departments also have the ability to utilize Blaze Cast for notifications and advisories.
Please keep our office staff informed of any changes to your contact information in order to have the system operate as efficiently as possible.


Transfer station receives excellence award

Thursday, December 23, 2010
Congratulations are in order for the management and staff of the Vermilion Waste Transfer site who received an award recognizing their efforts in maintaining and operating the facility.
The organization was presented with the Collection Site of Excellence award by the Alberta Waste Management Recycling Authority in November, 2010. The award was one of three excellence awards given and was in the area of collecting electronic waste for recycling.
To view an article that appeared in the Vermilion Standard news please click here.

Alberta Innovates Re-launches the Innovation Voucher Program

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you:

1)      An Alberta-based technology driven business developing innovative new products or services for the agriculture, forestry, energy, environment or health sectors
2)      A Market research/business planning consulting firm
3)      An expert in prototype development, production, testing and certification or intellectual property protection
Alberta Innovates Technology Futures has re-launched the Alberta Innovates Innovation Voucher Program which provides $15,000 and $50,000 vouchers to help small technology and knowledge driven companies accelerate their time to market and increase their probability of success.
There are six competitions a year with deadlines of October 1st, December 1st, February 1st , April 1st, June 1st and August 1st. Results are announced 6-8 weeks after deadlines.
For more details on the program and application procedures visit: http://www.albertaingenuity.ca/programs/funding/industry/voucherprogram

Blackfoot Phase 2 Lots On Sale

Monday, August 8, 2011

County Gas Utility Receives Emerald Award

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Emerald Award is an Alberta Foundation that presents awards to acknowledge groups, individuals, businesses, and organizations that are demonstrating environmental excellence in order to “protect, preserve, enhance and sustain our environment.” The Emerald Foundation helps to spread the word about climate change and how these institutions are reducing and/or offsetting Greenhouse Gas Emissions. There are many categories involved ranging from climate change to education about the environment.

The County of Vermilion River won the award for Climate Change for our innovative gas pipelines. The heavy oil casing vent gas gathering project is where natural gas that is usually just wasted when vented into the atmosphere is gathered, processed, and mixed with other natural gas to then be used by customers. New oil wells were drilled by cooperating industry partners and they are then connected to our pipeline network to capture this vented gas. We are gathering enough ‘vent’ gas to fuel 7,500 homes year round, this correlates to 490,000 CO2E tonnes/year reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This project enables the life of allowing our non-renewable natural gas resource to be extended as well as improving air quality.

With the County having some of the biggest natural gas taps in Alberta these projects will also help the Gas Alberta pool pricing by eliminating transportation fees on gas volumes which would otherwise have been purchased by the County to service its customers. 

The first of this project took place in the Frog Lake area, where in participation with Pan Canadian Petroleum the gas utility department researched many compressor units and dryers that would meet the requirements. The County of Vermilion River gas utility decided to do this project because of a common problem to Heavy Oil production – complaints about the high price of natural gas, and the release of large amounts of gas through vents daily. 

With the cost of gas transport revenue dropping, as well as having a useable/sellable product that can heat so many homes, and also being great for the environment it is an obvious win-win-win situation!