July 18th Windstorm Update – Friday July 29/11

August 2

July 18th Windstorm Update – Friday July 29/11
A. Assistance
County of Vermilion River has made application to the Alberta Disaster Recovery Program for assistance in the recovery from damage due to the July 18/19, 2011 wind storm.
Disaster recovery programs provide financial assistance for municipalities and their citizens who incur uninsurable loss and damage as a result of a disastrous event.
Coverage Does Not Include Loss or Damage that:
- Was reasonably and readily insurable;
- Is recoverable through feasible legal action;
- Is recoverable through another government program;
- Was a pre-existing condition;
- Is considered an ordinary or normal risk of business, trade, calling or occupational, including loss of income or interest charges.
The Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) is administered by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). AEMA is part of Alberta Municipal Affairs. The Alberta Emergency Management Act allows the province to provide disaster recovery assistance to residents, small business, agriculture operations, and provincial and municipal governments if the event meets the criteria as outlined in the regulation.
- The event is considered extraordinary.
- Insurance is not reasonably or readily available.
- There is evidence that the event is wide spread.
We will not know for some time whether our application will be approved by Alberta Emergency Management Agency. If we receive approval people who have claims for uninsurable damage will need to provide receipts or other documentation to verify the claims.

B. Meetings
An information meeting convened by the Ag Service Board was held on July 27 at Ian Parsons farm and was attended by about 17 area residents. We had a good discussion about tree and grain bin damage and steps that should be taken for recovery on both topics. Thanks to the Ian Parson Family for hosting this.

C. Actions
1) County of Vermilion River Agriculture Service Board is making arrangements with Viterra for
Access to the 3 Cities elevator site at SE3-47-2W4 to serve as a marshalling and materials assembly yard. We very much appreciate the cooperation and sponsorship Carlye Hanke and Viterra are providing to this effort.
2) Orest Popil (Protective Services) has inquired about burning and burying regulations and has received the following information from the Province of Alberta – Alberta Environment:
-If you can find a suitable marshalling area for the Debris, this is the best way to manage the overall issue. (Viterra site has been selected)
-Burnable material can be done via a county burn permit, we are mainly concerned about plastic and hazardous materials.
- Below is from Alberta Environment Waste Control Regulations, and allows for some latitude when used with discretion and if the waste is inert can be buried on the farmers’ property. At the end of the day his waste management decisions may affect his ability to market the property. I’ve put in the definition currently used for inert waste to aid in your decision making.

Non-hazardous Waste Application
22 This Part applies to the management of waste, other than hazardous waste.
23(1) No person shall deposit waste for disposal in any place other than a waste management facility authorized in accordance with the Act and this Regulation.
(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to
(a) the disposal of agriculture waste by a farmer on his own land where the waste is produced on his farm.
(b) the depositing of earth or
(c) inert waste used for reclamation.
“inert waste” means solid waste that, when disposed of in a landfill or re-used, is not reasonably expected to undergo physical, chemical or biological changes to such an extent as to produce substances that may cause an adverse effect, and includes, but is not limited to:
Demolition, debris, concrete, asphalt, glass, ceramic materials, scrap metal and dry timber or wood that has not been chemically treated.

3) Randy Belliveau (Public Works) has made provisions for removal of high volume tree material from McLaughlin to avoid future insect and fire hazard potential.
4) Howie Bjorge and Mona Kirkland (Ag Service Board) have made arrangements with Tom Meier (Tom’s Tree Trimming) to handle some aspects of tree removal in McLaughlin and to be available for hire by area residents.
5) Gayle Johnson (Agriculture Protective Services & Safety) will document inquiries and communication to area residents regarding the recovery effort (780)846-2244.
6) Communication is underway with demolition/contractors to address handling of steel from damaged grain bins and buildings. We will provide area residents with information on this as it becomes available.

7) Effective Saturday July 30 area residents can place storm related materials in two containers on site at Viterra location (SE3-47-2W4). One is for metal only and the other is for debris. We will monitor these bins to determine future needs in this regard.

D. Safety
Keep in mind that storm clean-up activities are sometimes unfamiliar to most of us and can pose serious risk of injury. Wind damaged buildings or grainries can be deformed and under stress which can suddenly release during clean up. Work areas are often congested with debris and sometimes people are working at high elevation so falls are possible.

While cost dictates a lot of work must be done by residents, sometimes it is best in the long run to hire contractors with appropriate tools and experience so the job can be done safely.

E. Communication
Thank you to area residents for your ideas and participation with recovery efforts. Our County will do its best to keep in contact with you with updates. We hope to use the Rural Crime Watch Communication System where applicable.

Yours Sincerely,

Rhonda King
Chief Executive Office

Box 69 Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0
Telephone: (780) 846-2244 Fax: (780) 846-2716
Website: www.vermilion-river.com