July 18 Wind Storm Update - August 11, 2011

August 12

  • A contract with Viterra for rental of the former 3 Cities elevator site on SE3-47-2W4 has been established.
  • Quick Pick bins (approx. 8'X30') have been placed on-site for use by residents who had storm damage. One bin is for metal only and the other is for lumber and insulation (labelled accordingly).
  • Wind data from Sands Seed Farm has been sent to the provincial government.
  • Curtis Construction, Tom Pittman and All-West Demolition are assessing the amount of steel to be recycled and preparing cost estimates.
  • Tom's Tree Trimming has toured the area and is available to do tree removal (780)753-4945
  • Marsha from Cat Rental of Lloydminster has contacted County of Vermilion River to let us know they rent some specialized equipment which may be useful for storm clean-up (780)875-7368.
  • We continue communication with the province to provide justification for our Disaster Assistance Application.

Yours Sincerely,
Rhonda King
Chief Executive Officer