We do have a BUDGET PLAN that allows you to average out your monthly costs. The only time we can sign you up is in the spring.  This year the deadline to join will be JUNE 15.  Forms will be included in upcoming bills or download from here.


* In Office with debit, cheque or cash
* Mail in cheque
* Online Banking

We do not offer automatic withdrawal at this time.

You can sign up for Equal Monthly Billing.  With the same amount being billed each month, you can have your bank set up automatic bill payments from your account or you can leave post-dated cheques at the office.

ACCOUNT NUMBERS - We are finding an increasing number of online payments are using an incorrect gas utility account number.  Please double check your account number is correct when paying your gas utility account.

UPDATING/CHANGING YOUR ADDRESS: If you need to update your billing address you can give our office a call (780) 846-2222 or click here to send an email with your Name, Account Number, Old Address, New Address, Home Phone Number, Cell Phone Number