Fire Permits are regulated under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulations and must be obtained throughout all four seasons of the year for many reasons, such as:

  • Regulating fires during special weather conditions;

  • Specifying certain conditions to ensure control of the fire;

  • Contacting the fire department before burning so they know the whereabouts and type of fire they are dealing with.

Permits can be obtained by calling the County office (780-846-2244 and please ensure your fax machine is on). You will need to give your contact information, the land location of the fire, and the type of material you will be burning. Permits are given an expiry date and must be signed to be valid and conditions on the permit must be followed. Prior to burning, you must contact the toll-free number on the permit to inform 911 where and when you will be burning so they can inform the appropriate fire departments. An information sheet about burning is also included with your permit.

NOTE: If a County wide Fire Ban had been declared, all previously issued permits automatically become VOID. It is the landowner’s responsibility to ensure there is not a current Fire Ban on prior to burning. If the Fire Ban is lifted prior to the expiration date on your permit, your permit becomes valid again.


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Example of a Fire Permit