Are you interested in serving your community? If you are professional, quick thinking and dedicated, the Fire Departments within the County of Vermilion River want to hear from you! If you fit the criteria below, then you can become a volunteer fire fighter:

Be of at least 18 years of age. 
Ages 16-18 are allowed to join the fire department however will be constantly supervised and will not be allowed to participate in active fires or drive the fire apparatus (trucks). 
Those over the age of 65 will not be allowed to drive the fire apparatus and all other duties will be of the discretion of the fire chief.

Until you have achieved the training of First Aid and CPR as well as the S300 course (outlines general knowledge and skills, self contained breathing apparatus, hazardous areas, structural search and rescue and equipment cleaning and checking), you will not be able to respond to actual calls.

Some of the responsibilities you will have once you become a volunteer firefighter are:

  • To be familiar with all policies and operating guidelines
  • To attend all meetings and training sessions
  • To wear all assigned protective clothing
  • To respond to all emergency and non-emergency calls to protect lives and property
  • To perform emergency medical care when needed up to the level you are trained
  • To assist with the cleanliness and upkeep of the fire hall and all contents within
  • To conduct oneself in a mature, professional, and courteous manner at all times, on and off duty

If you want to provide a service to your community but would be unable to offer the time commitment and physical demands of being a firefighter, you can provide other services such as administrative duties. Such duties would include:

  • Filling out the fire and accident report forms
    Helping with the upkeep of the Hall
  • Updating and keeping current:
    •   Contact lists
    •   Training roster
      Apparatus and hall inventory
  • Organizing fund raising campaigns and appreciation events

As per County of Vermilion River policy and mutual aid agreements between the County and the Villages of Marwayne, Dewberry, Paradise Valley, Kitscoty and the Town of Vermilion, all those firefighters that attend calls will be paid an hourly honorarium as well as a set honorarium for attending training courses.

If you are interested in joining any one of the fire departments or just want more information, click on the links below:

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2017-2018 Fire Chiefs and Deputy Fire Chiefs