You are entitled to see or receive information about how the assessor prepared the assessment of your property. If you have questions about your assessment, contact the County Assessor, Michael Krim, at 1-855-417-5191 (toll free).

The first step in resolving an assessment complaint should be a review of your assessment with the County Assessor.

If, after reviewing your assessment with the Assessor, you still believe that your assessment is unfair or incorrect, you may initiate the formal complaint process with the Assessment Review Board. Alberta Municipal Affairs has published a guide to lead you through the assessment appeal process "Filing a Property Assessment Complaint and Preparing for Your Hearing". You may not complain about your taxes, only the assessment. All sections of the complaint form must be filled out.

The complaint must be made on the official ASSESSMENT REVIEW BOARD COMPLAINT form.

You can appoint an agent who can, on your behalf, perform all duties with the Assessment Review Board, but your agent is not authorized to obtain your assessment information from the assessor. You must obtain this information yourself. If you wish to have another person file an assessment complaint on your behalf, you must complete an Assessment Complaints Agent Authorization form.



2017 Assessment Complaint deadline is AUG 15, 2017

Assessment & Taxation Contacts

Michael Krim, AMAA

Tanmar Consulting Inc.
Toll Free: 1-855-417-5191

Linda Johanson
Tax Clerk
(780) 846-2244