Click here for information on Provincial regulations regarding PESTS & NUISANCE animals

RICHARDSON GROUND SQUIRREL Strychnine is available for qualified farmers in CVR Effective July 1, 2017, sales of strychnine are closed for the season.  If you are in urgent need of product, please call our AG team to make arrangements
BEAVERS & DAMS CVR may remove beaver dams to protect municipal infrastructure For dam removal on private lands, fees will apply.
Contact our AG team if you have beaver concerns.

CVR participates in the Alberta Rat Control program as we strive to maintain Alberta's "Rat Free" status.  Annually, we inspect over 1500 sites along the AB/SK border looking for rat activity (click here for more details on our process).
Did you know that rats....
* Do not hibernate
* Reproduce as early as 6 to 8 weeks of age
* Can have 12 babies per litter
* Can have 10 litters per year
* Can vertically climb several stories
* Can fall 8 meters without sustaining injury

More information on the provincial program.
SKUNKS A limited number of skunk traps are available to landowners.  A deposit may be required for using a trap. Arrangements must be made in advance with the AG team. 
The Biology and Control of Skunks – Alberta Agriculture
RACCOONS  Are not handled by CVR pest control officers Monitor your grain storage bags for signs of raccoon damage 
MAGPIES  Are not handled by CVR pest control officers Plan to make your own trap (landowners will need to appropriately euthanize magpies)

PORCUPINES  Are not handled by CVR pest control officers   More information on porcupines
DOGS & LIVESTOCK  Outside villages, subdivisions, and hamlets, dogs are allowed to be at large providing they stay on owners' property.  If dogs leave owners' property, the dog could be at risk.    Livestock owners are empowered under provincial law (Stray Animal Act) to destroy dogs that threaten their herd, however, all residents need to work together to resolve any issues so that extreme measures are not necessary.  
WILD BOARS  Are not handled by CVR pest control officers and there is no current bounty.  If you see wild boar at large, or evidence of wild boar, please contact Alberta AG 310-FARM or our CVR Ag Team.  
More information on wild boars