Cathie Erichsen-Arychuk, PAg - Director of Agriculture



Congrats to Julia McCrae from Division 4 who received one of 5 AAAF Memorial Bursaries! These are presented on behalf of the Assoc of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen to students in the ag or environment fields.  Julia is attending Olds College in her 1st year of Ag Management - Marketing.  

Strychnine for Control of Richardson Ground Squirrels

*** NEW PROCESS in 2017 for purchasing Strychnine.  READ MORE HERE

Contact Us to Gain VALUE from your Wetland!  Have a Wetland to restore?  We can help you to receive payments for your qualified wetland restoration project.  More details here.

New funding announced for farms interested in Solar energy options.  Check out the details at Growing Forward

Roadside Vegetation Control - Spraying & Mowing.  
Mowing will begin after July 1st. If you wish to have a roadside left un-mowed for hay until July 15, you can enter into a Roadside Haying Agreement - deadline to apply is MAY 15 and they expire SEPT 30. 

Herbicide Spraying will be in Area 1 (NE and N).  Contact us if you wish to have a No Spray Zone Agreement - deadline to apply is May 15 and they expire Sept 30.

Feral Boar Research - the University of Saskatchewan is monitoring Feral Boars. 
Program Poster
Program Info Sheet

Shelterbelt Programs - click here for more information 

Check out our list of Producer and Ag Businesses of the Year Award Winners here 

Trees & Horticulture section - check out our brand new section on trees and horticulture that covers planting and care, tips and techniques, pests and diseases and more!

BALE SECUREMENT:  If you are transporting bales, please review the Info Sheet here

To check out Explore Local upcoming events, please visit$Department/deptdocs.nsf/all/explore13594 Their events include topics from Getting into Community Supported Agriculture, Getting into Farming, to Marketing your product and Customer Loyalty.



Agricultural Pests and Diseases
Info on pest animals like skunks, beavers
Common Problems with my Trees
Wetlands Restoration programs
Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (AESA)
Alternative Land Use (ALUS) Program Information


2,566 -# of Rat Inspections done annually

975 - is the # of miles of roadside ditches mowed annually

Your 2016 AG Team!